Executive Officers
Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer
President of Malls and Chief Administrative Officer
Michael E. McCarty
President of Simon Development
Vicki Hanor
Senior Executive Vice President and Managing Director - Luxury Leasing
Michael J. Nevins
Chief Operating Officer - Mall Business
Jonathan Murphy
Executive Vice President - Leasing and Strategic Projects
Eric Sadi
Chief Operating Officer - Leasing
Sharon Polonia
Executive Vice President - Leasing
Charles Davis
Senior Vice President - Development
Michael Romstad
Executive Vice President - Property Management
Sundesh N. Shah
Senior Vice President – Specialty Development
Kathleen Shields
Senior Vice President – Development
John Phipps
Senior Vice President – Development
Premium Outlets
Stephen Yalof
Chief Executive Officer
Larry Weinstein
Executive Vice President - Leasing
Peter Baxter
Executive Vice President - Luxury Leasing
Danielle De Vita
Executive Vice President - Real Estate
Leslie Swanson
Executive Vice President - Property Management
The Mills
Gary Duncan
Rhonda D. Bandy
Senior Vice President – Leasing
Jay E. Buckey
Senior Vice President – Leasing
William Hopper
Senior Vice President – Specialty Development
Richard S. Sokolov
Director, President and Chief Operating Officer
Stanley Shashoua
Chief Investment Officer
Mikael Thygesen
Chief Marketing Officer and President - Simon Brand Ventures
Mark J. Silvestri
Executive Vice President – Corporate Real Estate and Chief Operating Officer – Development
Andres Lugo
Executive Vice President – Construction Group
Steven K. Broadwater
Senior Vice President - Financial Reporting and Operations
Chidi Achara
Senior Vice President and Chief Creative Officer
David Schacht
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
J. Michelle Mahaffey
Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
Adam J. Reuille
Senior Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer
Brian J. Warnock
Senior Vice President - Acquisitions and Financial Analysis
Thomas Ward
Senior Vice President - Investor Relations